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The UFC 104 Shogun vs Machida Online Review And Predictions

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The UFC 104 live stream is coming up this Saturday night! Got your own predictions already? Here's mine:

Lyoto Machida vs. Shogun Rua
-Lyoto is becoming Fedor like. People have myth's about him, he's getting all the respect in the world and people believe he is untouchable. Well wake up people, he hasn't defended his belt yet. Until Lyoto faces 3 really good Lhw's I'm remaining skeptical. Liddell was untouchable once, but people found a way to beat him (unlike fedor). However, I still believe Lyoto takes this one. Rua was great in the days of soccer kicks and foot stomps, and could be great again. But that lay-off and injury really changed him as a fighter, not to mention the cage. For this UFC 104 live stream online, Rua has a legitimate chance to win this fight because he's Rua, but I don't see any conceivable way of that happening. Rua's striking isn't as good, his ground game might be as good, and his clinch work probably isn't as good either. But Machida has the intangibles, things that really can't be learned but are instinctive. His spacial awareness is second to none (other than maybe BJ Penn) and his footwork is amazing.

Spencer Fisher vs. Joe Stevenson
Many people aren't looking to forward to this fight but I think it's going to be great. Stevenson loves to stand - as we saw against diego - but that isn't his foray. Joe has some of the best wrestling in the lw division and has a great submission game. The King is an excellent technical striker, but lacks the KO power seen in Melvin guillard. Fisher also has a great ground game, but isn't nearly as powerful as Stevenson in the wrestling dept. I can see this UFC 104 daddy turning this into a wrestling/gnp game in his favor, but the king could use reversals and sweeps to possibly keep the fight on the feet. If that's the case I see daddy losing in the striking game, but it's not likely. Both fighters have exceptional cardio and heart which could make for fight of the night. If daddy comes in to win, this fight will end up on the ground with Daddy winning by his signature guillotine, if he comes to put on a show we could see it on the feet the whole UFC 104 live streaming night.

Ryan Bader vs. Eric Schafer
Ravishing Red is back, and that isn't necessarily a good thing for Bader. Bader is a powerful wrestler with big slams and heavy but slow hands. Once bader starts to get tired he can tend to telegraph his punches. Bader will have the edge in take downs, gnp, and heavy hands, but it ends there. On the feet, Eric has good striking. He's reasonably quicker on the feet than bader. Eric will undoubtedly get taken down in this fight, and that's where the real battle will unfold. Schafer is an expert in BJJ and will go for the kill. Before this UFC 104 live, We've seen Schafer sweep and implement lethal BJJ from the top as well. Bader will want to KO shafer on the feet, but if he's unable to do that he'll take schafer down and that could be deadly for him. I see Schafer winning this fight both on the feet and on the ground. Ultimately, I see a tko or Sub for Schafer.

Ben Rothwell vs. Cain Velasquez
Cain is the heavy fav in this fight and I don't agree with that. Cain is lighter (could be a 205er), faster and has more cardio. He also has a top level wrestling game that is his bread and butter. He's got fairly heavy hands as well and can end a fight if his gets inside, but Rothwell is no slouch. The experience goes to rothwell, so do the heavy hands and same with the Submission game. Rothwell has a tendency to gas and that could be the big problem here. If cain doesn't get KO'd in the first 2 rounds, the fight will undoubtedly go to cain. Cain's cardio for a heavyweight is at the top and he could really ware big ben down with takedowns and gnp (like he did against Kongo). It will be interesting to see this UFC 104 fight if Big Ben gets on top of Cain. We haven't seen Cain on his back much, and everyone knows wrestlers don't like to be on their backs. If rothwell could keep up with cain on the ground and end up on top, I could easily see him end the fight with Gnp, Kimura, or Arm bar. This fight for me goes to Cain, but by a very small margin. This will be the biggest test of Cain's career and if he makes it out alive, big things are ahead in this future.

Pat Barry vs. Antoni Hardonk
Can anyone say slug fest? Both these guys like to throw leather, that's a fact. Pat Barry isn't as experienced or as large as Hardonk, but that doesn't matter. Barry has more than enough power to KO anyone in the HW division. Both are great kickers too. I see a KO in round 1 or 2 of this fight. The only problem, is if neither are able to finish eachother, this could turn into a snoozefest. The edge here goes to Hardonk I believe. He's got the bigger reach and is overall the bigger man. Size isn't everything, but a good jab game by Hardonk could very well determine the winner of this fight. Will this fight go to the ground? Maybe, if it does I give the edge to hardonk as well. Hardonk takes this UFC 104 live streaming fight in round 2.

Anyway, check out UFC 104 live streaming soon happening on Saturday, October 24, 2009.


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