Saturday, November 21, 2009

The UFC 106 Ortiz vs Griffin Online Review And Predictions

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The hub shares some good info for those who are going to watch UFC 106 online or in television this Saturday, November 21, 2009.

Much like the 105 card, not sure why people think its such a shit card. As far as it being a PPV, the numbers will be just fine. For the average fan this is Tito's return to the UFC, against Forrest who is a well known fighter in his own right. And altough Forrest has been dragged through themud after his debacle against AS, there are plenty of people who want to see how he rebounds. For more weel versed fans of mma, this is a classic rematch that many have been wanting for some time. I personally felt that Griffin won the first fight 29-28. He rebounded nicely after some vicious GnP in the first round (actually getting back to his feet in the first after the attack from Ortiz)and handled business in the last 2 rounds. Griffin , as well as Ortiz, both need to win in this fight which sets up for some excitement. Lil Nog vs. Cane is a great match up as well. Both fighters definitely have the cred to be on a big card. Amir hopefully gets into this fight, it will be nice to see if he was worthy of winning the contract. Perhaps the most intriguing fight is Kos vs. AJ. IMO Kos is the only fighter who has given GSP any trouble since GSP last lost. Rumble is a vicious striker. Hopefully AJ won't have any trouble making weight and there is no controversy for this fight. If Kos doesn't try to bang with Johnson he should get the win. So aftfer a freebie in 105, this PPV is actually ok. Yes its true that there aren't any title fights, but mant of these fights have title implications. The numbers aren't going to reach the 100 strtosphere, but they will just fine all the same.

Here's the UFC 106 preview trailer:

Catch another set of fights for the UFC 106 live stream via PPV, or in TV with SpikeTV for the preliminaries.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Pacquiao vs Cotto Live Free Online Streaming Video Preview

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The Pacquiao vs Cotto Live Stream, together with UFC 105 live stream, will be held this Saturday, November 14, 2009.

Talking about the real thing, that's Pacquiao vs Cotto, Manny has evolved as a fighter more than anyone I've watched in the past 10 to 20 years. He is taking his game to an unseen level in boxing and I don't think he has even gotten all the way there yet. A fast, brutal puncher with an aggressive style yet he has developed great skill and now the defense is coming along to. Great footwork and anticipation to go along with a huge knack for finding openings or blasting them open himelf, nobody can touch him at this point.

That is my opinion, so get ready to check vs
Pacquiao vs Cotto live stream available possibly with Pay-Per-View sites in just a few days coming.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The UFC 104 Shogun vs Machida Online Review And Predictions

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The UFC 104 live stream is coming up this Saturday night! Got your own predictions already? Here's mine:

Lyoto Machida vs. Shogun Rua
-Lyoto is becoming Fedor like. People have myth's about him, he's getting all the respect in the world and people believe he is untouchable. Well wake up people, he hasn't defended his belt yet. Until Lyoto faces 3 really good Lhw's I'm remaining skeptical. Liddell was untouchable once, but people found a way to beat him (unlike fedor). However, I still believe Lyoto takes this one. Rua was great in the days of soccer kicks and foot stomps, and could be great again. But that lay-off and injury really changed him as a fighter, not to mention the cage. For this UFC 104 live stream online, Rua has a legitimate chance to win this fight because he's Rua, but I don't see any conceivable way of that happening. Rua's striking isn't as good, his ground game might be as good, and his clinch work probably isn't as good either. But Machida has the intangibles, things that really can't be learned but are instinctive. His spacial awareness is second to none (other than maybe BJ Penn) and his footwork is amazing.

Spencer Fisher vs. Joe Stevenson
Many people aren't looking to forward to this fight but I think it's going to be great. Stevenson loves to stand - as we saw against diego - but that isn't his foray. Joe has some of the best wrestling in the lw division and has a great submission game. The King is an excellent technical striker, but lacks the KO power seen in Melvin guillard. Fisher also has a great ground game, but isn't nearly as powerful as Stevenson in the wrestling dept. I can see this UFC 104 daddy turning this into a wrestling/gnp game in his favor, but the king could use reversals and sweeps to possibly keep the fight on the feet. If that's the case I see daddy losing in the striking game, but it's not likely. Both fighters have exceptional cardio and heart which could make for fight of the night. If daddy comes in to win, this fight will end up on the ground with Daddy winning by his signature guillotine, if he comes to put on a show we could see it on the feet the whole UFC 104 live streaming night.

Ryan Bader vs. Eric Schafer
Ravishing Red is back, and that isn't necessarily a good thing for Bader. Bader is a powerful wrestler with big slams and heavy but slow hands. Once bader starts to get tired he can tend to telegraph his punches. Bader will have the edge in take downs, gnp, and heavy hands, but it ends there. On the feet, Eric has good striking. He's reasonably quicker on the feet than bader. Eric will undoubtedly get taken down in this fight, and that's where the real battle will unfold. Schafer is an expert in BJJ and will go for the kill. Before this UFC 104 live, We've seen Schafer sweep and implement lethal BJJ from the top as well. Bader will want to KO shafer on the feet, but if he's unable to do that he'll take schafer down and that could be deadly for him. I see Schafer winning this fight both on the feet and on the ground. Ultimately, I see a tko or Sub for Schafer.

Ben Rothwell vs. Cain Velasquez
Cain is the heavy fav in this fight and I don't agree with that. Cain is lighter (could be a 205er), faster and has more cardio. He also has a top level wrestling game that is his bread and butter. He's got fairly heavy hands as well and can end a fight if his gets inside, but Rothwell is no slouch. The experience goes to rothwell, so do the heavy hands and same with the Submission game. Rothwell has a tendency to gas and that could be the big problem here. If cain doesn't get KO'd in the first 2 rounds, the fight will undoubtedly go to cain. Cain's cardio for a heavyweight is at the top and he could really ware big ben down with takedowns and gnp (like he did against Kongo). It will be interesting to see this UFC 104 fight if Big Ben gets on top of Cain. We haven't seen Cain on his back much, and everyone knows wrestlers don't like to be on their backs. If rothwell could keep up with cain on the ground and end up on top, I could easily see him end the fight with Gnp, Kimura, or Arm bar. This fight for me goes to Cain, but by a very small margin. This will be the biggest test of Cain's career and if he makes it out alive, big things are ahead in this future.

Pat Barry vs. Antoni Hardonk
Can anyone say slug fest? Both these guys like to throw leather, that's a fact. Pat Barry isn't as experienced or as large as Hardonk, but that doesn't matter. Barry has more than enough power to KO anyone in the HW division. Both are great kickers too. I see a KO in round 1 or 2 of this fight. The only problem, is if neither are able to finish eachother, this could turn into a snoozefest. The edge here goes to Hardonk I believe. He's got the bigger reach and is overall the bigger man. Size isn't everything, but a good jab game by Hardonk could very well determine the winner of this fight. Will this fight go to the ground? Maybe, if it does I give the edge to hardonk as well. Hardonk takes this UFC 104 live streaming fight in round 2.

Anyway, check out UFC 104 live streaming soon happening on Saturday, October 24, 2009.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Mayweather vs Marquez Live Stream Information Predictions And Preview

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The ring is ready, press conference is going and held, and one question is left bothering everyone's mind; Is it going to be Mayweather, or Marquez going to beat him for the first time? Mayweather vs Marquez live stream will be available via PPV Cards online or in your nearest sports cafe.

Mayweather can do well on the inside so long as he has space. Floyd angles his body so it is hard for a short armed fighter to hit him clean, while still being able to hit his opponent. Marquez needs to pin Floyd on the ropes and let his hands go. That's what Castillo and De La Hoya did.

Its a tough fight for Marquez. Not only is he moving up in weight. He is also shorter than Floyd both in height and arm reach. If you look at Floyd's opponent list, the guys that gave him the most trouble all appear to have an arm reach between 69-73 inches. JMM reach is at 67 inches. Even with a good jab, Marquez has alot of ground to cover to get at Floyd.

On the other hand, this is the first "pure Mexican" fighter Floyd has faced since Castillo. JMM is a smart fighter who probably still gives Pacquiao's people nightmares. Floyd has had a number of distractions leading up to this fight, and is coming off a 21 month layoff. Despite his success, I don't think 147lbs is a great weight for Mayweather. He is slower, and more conservative with his punch output than at 135 or even 140. Floyd is leaning more now than ever on his ability to anticipate opponents punches and positioning to make up for problems. It will be interesting to see how the vacation has effected his strengths and weaknesses. Here's the Mayweather vs Marquez online free streaming preview:

I still favor Mayweather in the fight. However, I would not be surprised if Marquez pulls it off. I agree with shadio2 JMM is probably the best fighter Floyd has ever faced. If Floyd's number is up, Marquez is more than capable of cashing in. Let's see how it goes when we watch Mayweather vs Marquez online live from MGM Grand this Saturday, September 19, 2009.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Breaking News Former Champ Vernon Forrest Shot Dead

Andre Berto Welter weight champ broadcasts these earlier via

@Andre Berto I got a call at like 3:00 AM in the morning very sad news that former light middle champ Vernon Forest was shot died in Atlanta GA.

@AndreBerto Rest in Peace my friend another fallin champion...

@AndreBerto Vernon Forest a good person a good friend we will miss and love u my brother Rest In Peace........... I heard it first

Still waiting for more news and confirmation on this.

Friday, July 3, 2009

"Legendary Nights" Alexis Arguello vs. Aaron Pryor

In tribute to the late Alexis Arguello, (one of the finest warriors the boxing world ever had) Let's take a look at one of the most memorable fights in boxing history. Dubbed "Fight of the Year" in 1982 and "Fight of the Decade" of the 1980's.

Pryor started off very strong and won the first half of the fight, but Arguello came back and dominated the middle rounds and had Pryor ready to go in the 12th round after landing a series of explosive right hands. . In the 14th round, Pryor pounded Arguello at will and had him helpless against the ropes when the referee Stanley Christodoulou stopped the fight. However, after the 12th round, rumors circulated that Pryor was given an illegal substance in a water bottle that led to him coming out like a rocket for the beginning of the 13th round. Arguello was later taken to the hospital after the bout due to the beating he had sustained.

(will convert this to embedded video)
Click to download.

Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson, Your Art and Weirdness We Will Miss

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Yep, Michael Jackson the one who has an album entitled "Thriller",
the dude who incorporated music into his moves,the one who originally sang David Cook's "Billy Jean" and Kris Allen's "Man in the mirror" the guy who invented the MOON WALK (which is like the coolest move ever) the man who takes cryogenic sleeps and pills so he would live longer failed to escape the reality that he feared all his life, to die.

No matter how controversial this dude is, I'm gonna miss him. His eerie looks, the Pajamas going to court, the endless tales of weirdness, original dance moves and his music.

Michael Jackson might be crazy( we got to admit too he's a musical genius) he's one guy we will never run out of(true or not) scandals to tell.
At least now, he won't have to deal with charges of molestation or anything.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

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The Matchless Pearl
-- Author Unknown

David Morse - American missionary to India - became great friends there with the pearl-diver, Rambhau. Many an evening he spent in Rambhau's cabin reading to him from the Bible, and explaining to him God's way of salvation.

Rambhau enjoyed listening to the Word of God, but whenever the missionary tried to get Rambhau to accept Christ as his Savior - he would shake his head and reply, "Your Christian way to heaven is too easy for me! I cannot accept it. If ever I should find admittance to heaven in that manner - I would feel like a pauper a beggar who has been let in out of pity. I may be proud - but I want to deserve, I want to earn my place in heaven -- and so I am going to work for it."

Nothing the missionary could say seemed to have any effect on Rambhau's decision, and so quite a few years slipped by. One evening, however, the missionary heard a knock on his door, and on going to open it he found Rambhau there.

"Come in, dear friend," said Morse.

"No," said the pearl-diver. "I want you to come with me to my house, Sahib, for a short time -- I have something to show you. Please do not say 'No'."

"Of course I'll come," replied the missionary. As they neared his house, Rambhau said: "In a week's time I start working for my place in heaven; I am leaving for Delhi -- and I am going there on my knees."

"Man, you are crazy! It's nine hundred miles to Delhi, and the skin will break on your knees, and you will have blood-poisoning or leprosy before you get to Bombay."

"No, I must get to Delhi," affirmed Rambhau, "and the immortals will reward me for it! The suffering will be sweet - for it will purchase heaven for me!"

"Rambhau, my friend - you can't. How can I bear you to do it - when Jesus Christ has suffered and died to purchase heaven for you!"

But the old man could not be moved. "You are my dearest friend on earth, Sahib Morse. Through all these years you have stood by me in sickness, in want - you have been sometimes my only friend. But even you cannot turn me from my desire to purchase eternal bliss...I must go to Delhi!"

Inside the hut Morse was seated in the very chair Rambhau had specially built for him - where on so many occasions he had read to him the Bible.

Rambhau left the room to return soon with a small but heavy English strongbox. "I have had this box for years," said he, "and I keep only one thing in it. Now I will tell you about it, Sahib Morse. I once had a son..."

"A son! Why, Rambhau, you have never before said a word about him!"

"No, Sahib, I couldn't." Even as he spoke the diver's eyes were moistened.

"Now I must tell you, for soon I will leave, and who knows whether I shall ever return? My son was a diver too. He was the best pearl diver on the coasts of India. He had the swiftest dive, the keenest eye, the strongest arm, the longest breath of any man who ever sought for pearls.

What joy he brought to me! Most pearls, as you know, have some defect or blemish only the expert can discern, but my boy always dreamed of finding the 'perfect' pearl - one beyond all that was ever found. One day he found it! But even when he saw it - he had been under water too long... That pearl cost him his life, for he died soon after."

The old pearl diver bowed his head. For a moment his whole body shook, but there was no sound. "All these years," he continued, "I have kept this pearl - but now I am going, not to return, and to you, my best friend - I am giving my pearl."

The old man worked the combination on the strongbox and drew from it a carefully wrapped package. Gently opening the cotton, he picked up a mammoth pearl and placed it in the hand of the missionary.

It was one of the largest pearls ever found off the coast of India, and glowed with a luster and brilliance never seen in cultured pearls. It would have brought a fabulous sum in any market.

For a moment the missionary was speechless and gazed with awe. "Rambhau! What a pearl!"

"That pearl, Sahib, is perfect," replied the Indian quietly. The missionary looked up quickly with a new thought: Was not this the very opportunity and occasion he had prayed for - to make Rambhau understand the value of Christ's sacrifice? So he said, designedly, "Rambhau, this is a wonderful pearl, an amazing pearl. Let me buy it. I would give you ten thousand dollars for it."

"Sahib! What do you mean?"

"Well, I will give you fifteen thousand dollars for it, or if it takes more - I will work for it."

"Sahib," said Rambhau, stiffening his whole body, "this pearl is beyond price. No man in all the world has money enough to pay what this pearl is worth to me. On the market a million dollars could not buy it. I will not sell it to you. You may only have it as a gift."

"No, Rambhau, I cannot accept that. As much as I want the pearl, I cannot accept it that way. Perhaps I am proud, but that is too easy. I must pay for it, or work for it..."

The old pearl-diver was stunned. "You don't understand at all, Sahib. Don't you see. My only son gave his life to get this pearl, and I wouldn't sell it for any money. Its worth is in the life-blood of my son. I cannot sell this - but I can give it to you. Just accept it in token of the love I bear you."

The missionary was choked, and for a moment could not speak. Then he gripped the hand of the old man. "Rambhau," he said in a low voice, "don't you see? My words are just what you have been saying to God all the time."

The diver looked long and searchingly at the missionary, and slowly, slowly he began to understand. "God is offering you salvation as a free gift," said the missionary. "It is so great and priceless that no man on earth can buy it. Millions of dollars are too little. No man on earth could earn it. His life would be millions of years too short. No man is good enough to deserve it. It cost God the life-blood of His only Son to make the entrance for you into heaven. In a million years, in a hundred pilgrimages, you could not earn that entrance. All you can do is to accept it as a token of God's love for you - a sinner.

"Rambhau, of course I will accept the pearl in deep humility, praying God that I may be worthy of your love. Rambhau, won't you accept God's great gift of heaven, too, in deep humility, knowing it cost Him the death of His Son to offer it to you?"

Great tears were now rolling down the cheeks of the old man. The veil was beginning to lift. "Sahib, I see it now. I have believed in the doctrine of Jesus for the last two years, but I could not believe that His salvation was free. Now I understand. Some things are too priceless to be bought or earned. Sahib, I will accept His salvation!"

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hayden Kho Scandals ; Exploited by Hackers

by: Alexander Villafania |

Hackers and computer virus writers have exploited the controversial sex videos now making rounds on the Internet, antivirus firm Trend Micro said Tuesday.

Malicious software are making their rounds in some US government websites masking themselves as links to the actual sex videos, Trend Micro through TrendLabs said.

The antivirus firm has identified computer Trojans TROJ_DLOAD.TID and its payload, TROJ_COGNAC.J, hidden in at least two US government websites.

The first attack was detected early last week, allegedly in the website of the San Bernardino County (

The attacked was meant to trick people into clicking a link to reveal supposed nude video of local actress Katrina Halili who was among those embroiled in the controversial sex videos.

The second attack, found by TrendLabs Analyst Joseph Pacamarra, was located in a state-wide information portal of Washington DC.

The security software firm has not yet announced the name of the website.

Similar to the San Bernardino County website attack, the other attack on the other US government website also leads to a video website, which supposedly contains the lurid videos.

TrendLabs explained that a blank website opens when a user clicks on the link in the compromised US government website. This then requires the user to download a codec to be able to watch the video. But that codec software allows the Trojan to slip into the user’s computer, enabling the virus writers to sneak in more malicious software into their systems.

No explanation was made as to why the computer virus authors chose the controversial sex scandal rocking the Philippines to trick people in a US government website to deliver their malware.

The sex video scandal has embroiled Filipino celebrity doctor Hayden Kho and sexy actress Halili and other personalities.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jam Legend, Browser Based Keyboard Controlled Version of Guitar Hero,

1:14 PM by Irvin Ryan · 3 comments

JamLegend, an online flash game . It's really fun and it really makes you think that time really flies (sometimes I play it at work and ta-dah a game or two and the clock says it's time to go home.). Well do I have to say more? You really got to try it to know if it's really good.

Click here to Register

After signing up, pls. add me. My Id is Noizmaker.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Funny Manny Pacquiao Photo

A picture of Manny Pacquiao along with his Victims. Credits to the one who created this. I wanted to put Hatton in there but there's no more space cause there sure are a lot of sleepy guys wanting to lie down. LOL.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chicken A la Carte ; A Short Movie With a Lasting Message

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I don't know how to describe this Short Movie. All I can say is that it MOVED ME. It gave me goosebumps, it made me feel that I'm blessed and ashamed of not being able to do something (yeah at the same time). I saw smiles and laughter in this Vid that almost brought me to tears. Just like the author did. I'm sure you will too (if not then you're not human).


Real Katrina Halili - Hayden Kho Sex Scandal

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Oh so ok, I'm enlightened. I thought I already posted the "REAL Katrina Halili - Hayden Kho Scandal" in here a week ago. So I really owed everyone who visited this site in search of that elusive video. I haven't watched it yet, my cousin told me it's a little nasty so this is R-18. (sorry mom and friends I don't want to post something like this, but I felt I have to)

download it here.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Swine Flu /H1N1 Virus = ZOmbies? FTW!!!

Please Read this article about the latest health scare H1N1 Virus:

There has been a small outbreak of “zombism” in London due to mutation of the H1N1 virus into new strain: H1Z1.

Similar to a scare originally found in Cambodia back in 2005, victims of a new strain of the swine flu virus H1N1 have been reported in London.

After death, this virus is able to restart the heart of it’s victim for up to two hours after the initial demise of the person where the individual behaves in extremely violent ways from what is believe to be a combination of brain damage and a chemical released into blood during “resurrection.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) has raised the alert to phase six, its highest level, and advised governments to activate pandemic contingency plans.

In Mexico, the epicentre of the outbreak, President Felipe Calderon urged people to stay at home over the next five days.

There are many cases elsewhere - including the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Israel, and New Zealand.

BBC health correspondent Mark McGrith says the raising of the WHO alert on Wednesday suggests a global epidemic, or pandemic, is imminent.

In the latest developments:

  • The Netherlands confirms its first case of zombie swine flu, in a three-year-old boy recently returned from Mexico. After passing away early this morning, he rose from the dead and lunged at his mother.
  • Ghana has become the latest country to ban pork imports as a precaution against swine flu, though no cases have been found in the West African country
  • China's health minister says that the country's scientists have developed a "sensitive and fast" test for spotting swine flu in conjunction with US scientists and the WHO. The country has recorded no incidence of the flu yet. There methods, however, have been uneffective in spotting the H1Z1 strain.
Full story Here :

This Can't be true, The author must be High on something or he's just reading/watching too much SCI-FI. Where are we? Silent hill? Umbrella Corp.? Resident evil- Degeneration? Funny that some people will actually believe this. I'm wondering if a chain e-mail is already out, hmmm... maybe I can start one. /Evil Grin

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Martin Nievera and the Philippine National Anthem

Watch and listen to this video of his performance in the Pacquiao-Hatton fight.

We all know that some representatives from the congress is filing a case against Mr. Nievera for allegedly disrespecting the Philippine National Anthem or in legal terms
breach of the Flag and Heraldic Code RA 8491.

I dunno much about the law but why make such a fuss about this. we all know a lot of people sang the national anthem in Pac's fight before and some just totally blew it. watch this...

See? Christian Bautista just did a shorter version with a lot of mistakes in his lyrics, that's what we can call a BREACH!!!

So if ever the "Test Case" will push through I suggest we do it against Christian Bautista first and maybe the police can hang around elementary schools and see if the students sing the national anthem as it's supposed to be sung. Guess more than half of the population will end up in jail.

I'm not playing Attorney for Mr. Nievera but there's a lot more serious stuffs that needed more attention than his performance in Vegas and mind you I'm thinking his version is corny but I felt his sincerity in his performance (and that IMO is what matters when singing any nation's anthem), the guy went there to represent (take a look at his shirt) and I heard Pac didn't pay him so please cut him some slack.

Congressmen, do your job. Make some laws that will benefit the people. I know you need some exposure for your plans on the 2010 elections but please not at the expense of others.

Btw, have you heard the US national anthem? I do, in about a million versions already and last time I checked, despite the recession they're still the most powerful nation in the world.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Latest Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho Scandal - Careless Whisper

Fresh and hot! There's a REAL scandal video of Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho here in the internet now, released just a few hours ago. Watch it while it's still there. Read on about Careless Whisper - Katrina Halili Hayden Kho Video Scandal!

Download video

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ricky Hatton Pacmanized!!! Congratulations Manny Pacquiao!!!

So finally, the Ricky Hatton mystery has been solved. It wasn't close as most of us foresaw. Ricky Hatton never got a chance. 2 knockdowns in the first round, one by a right hook and the other by a left straight both of which he looks googly and wobbly. Speed difference is so great. Manny having the advantage.

In round 2 when Manny threw a feint-parry right hand, Ricky threw a weak left hook to the body, dropping his right hand giving Manny's left hook an opening. Of course that being Manny's most destructive weapon, we expect a hit to drop RH again. It landed right on the button. RH looked lifeless. the brits silenced, Filipinos jubilant. I'm glad Hatton's OK. he was able to walk with his own strength going to the locker. as for Manny, sky is the limit. Pretty boy floyd, Miguel Cotto, Juan Manuel Marquez or even the Klitschkos just bring them on. I'm sure they'll all get Pacmanized.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pacquiao vs Hatton: Pacquiao Also Hitting Hitman's Body

A news recently says that Ricky Hatton’s plan for the match is to target Pacman’s body, then our Filipino boxing icon to do the same.

“I study every opponent I fight and as I train for Hatton I look for certain techniques that I can apply to this fight," said Pacquiao.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Latest Interview with Pac "So Far So Good"

"So Far so Good" -- Manny Pacquiao about his training for Ricky Hatton

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pacquiao vs. Hatton ; Pacquiao's Training Footage

I'm not so sure but I guess right now I'm more of a boxing fan than a basketball fan (Arenas being inactive for so long can be blamed for that) cause I was able to watch a sucky heavyweight fight and actually endure it. Chambers vs. Peters is a classic slumber fest and I did search for it in the internet.

So here's the thing, one of the biggest fight this year is coming and one of the protagonist is "our" (yea Tsao, the racist chink, we own yer ass in pugilism) Manny Pacquiao. He's full speed ahead in his preparation for hard-hitting Ricky Hatton and all I can say is that he is in the right track. 148 lbs as of the moment, the speed bag vid, good sparring sessions with Urbano Antillon and the talented Jorge Linares and this vid that I'm going to share in a little while, that's how serious Roach and Pac is. I'm not sure how Hatton is preparing for his showdown with the Pacman, but all I can say is that he'll get a good run for his money come fight night!

so here you go... Pac's training footage... as always, he's training like a monster!!! the Spirit of Sugar Ray Robinson is guiding Pac!!LOL

Pacquiao will put on a good show.
Pacquiao vs. Hatton will be good while it lasts!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's About Time ; Agent Zero's Season Debut

Gil scored 15 pts and dished 10 assists in a losing effort against Detroit. oh well, their-17-56 anyway... but I'm glad to see him back on the court doing his thing.


Manny Pacquiao Hitting the Heavy Bag as if it's Ricky Hatton

Just wanna share this youtube find, Manny Pacquiao at the heavy bag. You can see the speed and power, the bag just won't go down. Both hands are packed with power and would detonate at impact.. Ricky Hatton could've seen this already and readying himself to get hit with those bombs.

It's too early for predictions, but if Pac continues training like a monster, then I would stick to my first call at (comments section) last february of a KO3 for Pac. (Roach just followed what I've said.. hehe)

I'd be posting where to watch the May2 live streaming of the Pacquio vs. Hatton when the links are up. click here for Pacquiao vs. Hatton news

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jumbo Coin Magic Routine

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Performed by Vice Mayor (LOL, I kid I kid) Bimbo Bautista. I dunno how he learned this so fast...It isn't much but he copied a part of Jeff Tam's (yeah the Philippines' close up magic champ, and that should mean something) routine so fast.

watch and enjoy!

Friday, March 6, 2009

R.I.P Francis M.

It's a very sad day for pinoy music lovers as our "Master Rapper" Francis Magalona passed away today due to cancer of the blood.
It was a hard fought battle since his illness was discovered Knowing that his family, friends and fans are behind him he never lost hope, that one day he'd be back to what he's doing best to entertain and inspire nationalism and that, even if he's not around anymore, through his legacy will he still be able to do.

Sir Kiko, May you rest well in the loving arms of our Father in Heaven.

Monday, March 2, 2009

BBB? blog,boredom,boxing.

After being off from blogging for a long time. I really can't think of anything to put up again. Blogging to me right now is like the feeling of a sea-turtle getting used to living in land (does that made sense at all?). I don't even know if my readers are still dropping by. My feeds, my ads, my links and other stuffs, I don't know if they're still working at all. So what kept me busy all this time? A bunch of reasons; A quest for a new day job, a new online game I'm semi-addicted about (semi,cause I don't play like I used to anymore)and boxing. yeah... my passion for sports was rekindled again. Thanks to Manny Pacquiao, Tim Starks and the ageless VHS tapes collection of my grandfather, Boxing excites me once again. hmm.. actually I never really lost the love for boxing, it's just that before Pacquiao ruled the world of pugilism, heavyweight fights are aired more often and those fights bored me to tears.

I love boxing predictions, remember my december 5 entry? It was right on.

and 2009 starts out so well for boxing, yesterday's fight was one of the best I've seen, where Juan Manuel Marquez (yeah the last mexican standing) KO'ed Juan Diaz and Indonesia's Chris Johns, who's still undefeated, fought outside his country for the first time.

Plus local tv channels especially CS9 airs a lot of boxing matches and reruns during the weekends. SO Filipino fans of the Sweet Science won't be left out anymore.

Do I sound really excited about boxing? Certainly! Cause this is one sport where a Filipino is on top and a number is following suit.

and oh yea, the new season of hajime no ippo is out. Another boxing thing to look out for.

Im sharing some boxing vids you may find interesting.

This looks good right? good news, the anime picked up from where they left off...

Emmanuel Augustus... The drunken master of boxing.

Funniest KO... the infamous Zab Shuffle..

Manny Pacquiao Highlights

So there... finally a new entry. Thanks for visting my blog.
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BTW, Let's Support our very own Manny Pacquiao on his May 2, showdown with Ricky Hatton

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Don't Know What to do this Valentines?

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I'll give you an idea.
Go watch A horror movie and remind yourselves how scary falling in love to the wrong person is. he he he. Have a great time with your Loved ones this valentines.
aw aw awooo...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Marketing boxing’s climax: Pacquiao vs. Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather
(mini) Joe Frazier vs. (mini) Muhammad Ali.

The Bull vs. the Bear.

The Incredible Hulk vs. Juggernaut.

Yoda vs. Darth Vader.

In the sports universe, no bigger stars shine in the heavens than “Pretty Boy” Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. Rabid fans from both hardcore boxing fanatics as well as the casual sporting observer follow both living legends. It has been said that Manny Pacquiao is our psyche’s physical manifestation of a warrior archetype.

We can reasonably attribute the same to Mayweather. Carl Jung, the famous 20th-century Swiss psychiatrist, regarded an archetype as a psychological organ (much like a biological organ) – which is an evolutionary construct that has morphed within our minds, shaped by human experiences and accumulated wisdom, over time.

According to these persuasive views, there are five recurring archetypical images in our collective consciousness:

* the Child
* the Trickster
* the Hero
* the Wise Old Man
* the Great Mother Goddess/Divine

Mayweather triggers (in us) the Child and Trickster archetypes. After all, (referencing the Child archetype) each of us harbors hidden or otherwise outward desires for being wealthy and famous beyond comprehension. To live in royal settings, to drive fancy cars, and to be surrounded by famous beautiful people is a fantasy shared by all – a “collective unconscious.”

Mayweather is the physical representation – a morphological manifestation – of the American Dream. A winner, an Olympian, in a nation with a gross domestic product approaching $14 trillion.

Born from an elite boxing family, Floyd has been trained all his life. 39 wins, 0 losses. No challenger deemed worthy.

Born of the American heartland, he came from a country that is the wealthiest and most powerful that has ever existed in human history – a colossus in the Titanic. In the boxing ring, Floyd also triggers the Trickster archetype, with hand speed and head/body coordination of a camera flash. The defensive postures and maneuvers, as well as counter-punching acumen, are cunning, deceptive, and precise. He is a master at his craft – the pinnacle of talent in the defensive boxing style. There are strengths and weaknesses.

In the martial arts/fight world, a warrior can command another style, each with a mastery of a coordinated skill set, as well as, a distinct philosophy (a way of looking at the world and method of living):

Shaolin (long-range fighting)

Dragon (combination of hard and soft attacks)

Tiger (power fighting)

White Crane (four principles of hurt, evade, penetrate and intercept)

Praying Mantis (close range fighting, offensive blocking, and sudden, whip-like attacks on vital organs)

Monkey style (unusual/unpredictable hopping, comical, and lethal defense – your defenses are weak, when amused).

Floyd Mayweather the boxer: #1 Shaolin, #5 Praying Mantis, and #6 Monkey fighting styles.

“Pretty Boy” and “Money” the archetype: the Child, the Trickster.

Allow these archetypes to sink you into a hypnosis.

Pacquiao arouses – in each of us – the Hero archetype. Freddie Roach is molded of the Wise Old Man archetype (the former boxer – with 53 total fights – turned the world’s best trainer). Joseph Campbell, the revered 20th century American mythologist and thinker, uncovered for us all the Hero in his literary and philosophical crowning jewel “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.”

A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.1

Pacquiao hails from the forgotten, impoverished corner of the globe. In our actual world, not of televisions or of Hollywood, as much as 30,000 children die daily around the world as a result of poverty (according to UNICEF). Undergoing the severest excruciation of the flesh, a cursed and perpetual nutritional crucifixion, words alone serve no justice in accurately depicting such human experience.

Manny relates to the world’s desperate – those who go through the day without a single meal – because he himself clawed out of this abyss. Each of us can not choose the parents or settings that we are born into – we are given certain cards. We are forced to play them, or die. Born of a family with no money, Manny was forced to drop out of the 6th grade in order to provide food for his mother and siblings.

These hustles included selling cigarettes, serving as a “baker’s assistant.” working in the tuna market, and toiling as a construction worker. Listening to the Mike Tyson and Buster Douglas fight revealed his love – his life’s calling. Boxing in local competitions starting at age 12, Manny earned $1 - $2 if he emerged victorious. The movie Fight Club is an elegant setting compared to the raucous and destitute setting of Third World fights (with little or no health clinics – or the money to pay for it – in case of a fighter’s serious injury). For Manny: win the fight – and your family has something to eat for the day.

Manny Pacquiao invokes the Hero archetype, hailing from the poor, inspiring the sympathetic and idealistic middle and upper classes. Freddie Roach serves as the Wise Old Man archetype, much like the guide Virgil helping Dante’s travels in the Divine Comedy. The Philippines, in particular, is a struggling country of economic and political foibles, wobbling in mass poverty, and injured and maimed from decades of religious and ethnic strife and war. The attempted transition from a historically agricultural and hunter-gatherer society to an advanced geo-political landscape has proven most rough. An entire nation of 90 plus million – like 12 year old Manny – must claw and climb out of the abyss. As the Hero goes into a tremendous Adventure, so must this whole country traverse a path to the Promised Land.

Joseph Campbell’s Adventure of the Hero follows an archetypal template, summarized as:

1. the Call to Adventure – boyhood Manny’s plight for individual and family survival
2. Refusal of the Call – fear of leaving for Manila to undergo boxing training
3. Supernatual Aid – Freddie Roach as trainer (along with Bob Arum as guide)
4. Crossing of the First Threshold – defeat of hall of famer Marco Antonio Barrera in 2003
5. the Belly of the Whale (rebirth) – arrival in America as a transformational conduit
6. the Road of Trials – the wars with legends Eric Morales and Juan Manuel Marquez
7. Woman as the Temptress – conquest of vices such as womanizing and drinking
8. Apotheosis (the Hero’s sacrifice) – breakthrough expansion of consciousness
9. the Ultimate Boon – the Hero’s obtainment of benefits for society including inspiration, heightened morale, productivity gains, charity and help for the poor
10. the Return – retirement from boxing and foray into elected office
11. Master of the Two Worlds – the Hero’s shining example and life lessons for both (#1) the Capitalistic / Materialistic World and (#2) the Impoverished / Forgotten World
12. Fellow Man’s benefit from the Hero – the Hero bestows lasting good for his fellow Man, in this case: virtues, ideals, chivalry, sense of honor and dignity, and charity.

In Campbell’s summation:

The modern hero, the modern individual who dares to heed our whole destiny to be atoned, cannot, indeed must not, wait for his community to cast off its slough of pride, fear, rationalized avarice, and sanctified misunderstanding. “Live,” Nietzsche says, “as though the day were here.” It is not society that is to guide and save the creative hero, but precisely the reverse. And so every one of us shares the supreme ordeal – carries the cross of the redeemer – not in the bright moments of his tribe’s great victories, but in the silences of his personal despair.2

Boyhood Manny’s desperation for food and scraps of money was in direct proportion to the plight of his family for survival. “Pacman” the boxer’s desperation in the ring is in direct proportion to the magnitude of his struggle as a child. You – Marco Antonio Barrera, Eric Morales, Oscar de la Hoya – fought, and lost to, a desperate fighter; he has been desperate all his life.

As an adult, Manny’s “family” is now the entire country of the Philippines – long considered a struggling village in the global landscape. He is on a crusade to further the cause of 90 million of his cheering countrymen. “The Fighting Pride of the Philippines” is willing to lay down his life – and assume death – morbidly dragged from the boxing ring, if need be – rather than lose a fight. Philosophically, boxing is no longer a simple brutish match between two bleeding souls. Boxing is the stage for the grand plight of Filipinos, and for everyone else who struggles as, or for, the Forgotten Ones. The Hero has crossed the threshold of Apotheosis – a breakthrough expansion in consciousness – and has become willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, if necessary, rather than lose the fight. Rather than lose a fight against Filipinos as second- or third-class citizens in the world; rather than lose the fight against poverty; rather than lose a fight against pessimism. The Hero struggles, and gives, until he can struggle or give no more. “Give me liberty or give me death.”

The last two stanzas of his country’s national anthem bare the heart of the “People’s Champ.”

Thy banner dear to all hearts
Its sun and stars alright,
Oh, never shall its shining fields
Be dimmed by tyrants might.

Beautiful land of love, oh land of light,
In thine embrace 'tis rapture to lie;
But it is glory ever when thou art wronged
For us thy sons to suffer and die.

Manny Pacquiao has been declared by the Philippine Government as an official national treasure, a living monument guarding and promoting its history, culture, tradition, and national pride. As the Pacquiaos reside in the tumultuous southern region of the country, if Manny Pacquiao – the officially recognized national treasure – undergoes undue threat, he is defended by military land-, air-, and sea-based forces of the Philippine Armed Forces and the Philippine National Police.

Pacman the boxer has grown from a 98 lb pre-teenage boxer (he hid 8 lb steel rods in his pockets) who first fought at the light flyweight limit of 106 lb, into a 147 lb welterweight Tazmanian devil. The whirling dervish of raining punches – with blinding speed – lands bruises, bloody cuts, and broken ribs on hall of fame-caliber opponents, several of which were knocked down for one of the only times in their long careers. The Typhoon from the Pacific decimates anything in its path. He wants Against All Odds fights. As a 5 foot 6.5 inch heavy underdog, he decimates the 5 foot 10.5 inch former middleweight champion “Golden Boy” Oscar de la Hoya.

Beating Ricky “the Hitman” Hatton at junior welterweight on May 2nd, means a fourth victory in four different weight classes, three championship belts in three different weight classes, against four top-notch opponents (two of which are future hall of famers), in his last four fights. His next two fights may see Manny Pacquiao eclipsing the boxing immortal "Homicide" Hank Armstrong.

In earlier allusion to style contrasted with Floyd Mayweather, we find the following:

Manny Pacquiao the warrior: #2 Dragon, #3 Tiger, and #4 White Crane fighting styles.

“Pacman” the archetype: the Hero. Freddie Roach the archetype: the Wise Old Man.

The attacking postures and maneuvers, as well as, punching acumen are forceful, obsessively relentless, and desperate. Pacman is also a master at his craft – the pinnacle of talent as an offensive dynamo. And like Floyd's style, there are strengths and weaknesses.

TO BE CONTINUED with parts two, three and four . . .


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Update on Pacman vs. the Hitman,Watch Pacquiao-Hatton Fight

Ok fight Fans.. The Pacquiao-Hatton Fight is on.
Official Announcement here.

Pacquiao Hatton Boxing Online Live and Streaming FREE! Yep, you read it right. Details, links and other stuffs about the Pacquiao vs. Hatton fight. Will be posted soon.

This is the most anticipated fight of the year and most fight fans are thrilled that finally the two protagonist agreed to slug it out on may 2.

My prediction, Early K.O. for Manny Pacquiao. Most likely pick for bettors though is Pac by KO through 8-11 rounds.

for more boxing talks click here.

watch this pac vs hatton fan video... kinda blurry but really creative.

More Pacquiao-Hatton news.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Song of the Day


The Ambassadors

I may burn out like a candle and
I may pass away
I may fall just like a shooting star
My heart will stay
I'll be yours until forever,
Forever I'll be true to the promise
I have made from the day that
I found you
Forever your in my heart
Even if were apart

I say, forever I'll be yours
Forever I love you
I say, forever I'll be yours
Forever I love you
My love will never fade away
Even if I'll die and
I will love you until the end of time
Even without your smile

So help me please I beg you
Don't walk away I need you
Just stay with me and be by my side
Take my hand and will work it out

Until,l forever I'll be yours
Forever I love you
I say, forever I'll be yours
Forever I'll be true
My love will never fade away
Even if I'll die and
I will love you until the end of time
Even without your smile

So help me please I beg you
To stay...

Forever - The Ambassadors

Meanigful words in a catchy tune makes this song very lovable. It just plays on your head the whole day... =)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Websites I Visit Everytime I Open my PC

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I got to admit, I'm a person who can sit all day in front of the PC. Either I am playing, surfing, blogging or chatting it usually take me around 2 hours in a minimum to satisfy my computer addiction(if it's a good thing, I don't know) and in those times in front of the PC there are websites that I never fail to visit.
here's a list of my favorite websites.

Yahoo! Sports and Yahoo! Mail - I want to know Yahoo's take on sports and of course to check my e-mails - I keep track of my favorite teams and Players - check my e-mails (again)
Blog Catalog - Keep in touch with the blogosphere
Friendster - My first social network community
Queensberry Rules - for honest to goodness discussions about boxing - to be updated on Pacman news
Jon cabron - hmm.. he's funny...
Gilbertology - for Gilbert Arenas News
Fan IQ - a sports social network. sports trivia, quizzes and pick em scores.
cyberdunk - Web based Basketball MMORPG
Youtube - who doesn't visit youtube?
Ryan's Hub - err.. Love your own? hehehe

Sites I visit to kill time;

Subservient Chicken - That chicken never get tired.
Subservient Graduate - If you want to have total control over a person (male specifically), then visit this site. - just go check it out. - for flash games. (governor of poker)
Mofunzone - for street fighter and metal slug flash games.

My PC sessions will not be complete without visiting most of these sites. what can you say about the 2 hours minimum? quite short eh?!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Philippines The Only Place on Earth Where ;

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1. every street has a basketball court.
2. even lawyers and engineers are unemployed.
3. physicians study to become nurses for employment abroad.
4. students pay more money than they will earn after.
5. school is considered the second home and the mall considered the third.
6. call-center employees earn more money than teachers and nurses.
7. everyone has his personal ghost story and superstition.
8. mountains like makiling and banahaw, are considered holy places.
9. everything can be forged.
10. all animals are edible. (UHG!)
11. starbucks is still more expensive than gas.
12. driving 4 kms can take as much as four hours.
13. flyovers bring you from the freeway to the side streets.
14. crossing the street involves running for your dear life.
15. the pc at home is mainly used for games and friendster or myspace.
16. where colonial mentality is dishonestly denied!
17. where 4 a.m. is not even considered bedtime yet.
18. people can pay to defy the law.
19. everything and everyone is spoofed.
20. where even the poverty-stricken get to wear branded clothes and come home to an empty fridge.
21. the honking of car horns is a way of life.
22. being called a bum is never ever offensive. in fact, said with pride.
23. floodwaters take up more than 90 percent of the streets during the rainy season.
24. where everyone has a relative abroad who keeps them alive.
25. where wearing your national colors make you baduy.
26. where even the poorest of the poor have the latest cell phones.
27. where insurance does not work.
28. where water can only be classified as tap and dirty.
29. where bottled water is sosyal.
30. where the government makes the people pray for miracles.
31. fast food is a diet meal.
32. traffic signs are merely suggestions, not regulations.
33. where being mugged is normal and happens to everyone.
34. rodents are normal house pets.
35. the definition of traffic is the 'non-movement' of vehicles.
36. where the fighter planes of the 1940s are used for military engagements.
37. the new fighter planes are displayed in museums.
38. where cigarettes and alcohol are a necessity, and where the lottery is a commodity.
39. where soap operas tell the realities of life and where the news provides the drama.
40. where actors make the rules and where politicians provide the entertainment.
41. people can get away with stealing trillions of pesos but not a thousand.
42. where being an hour late is still considered punctual.
43. where the squatters complain even if they do not pay their tax than those employed and have their tax automatically deducted from their salaries.
44. and where everyone wants to go to another country even to war-stricken ones just to have a decent life.

some are funny... the others ourageous... mostly true..
credits to Vin

Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm a Christian

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When I say… I am a Christian
I’m not shouting "I’m clean livin"
I’m whispering "I was lost
and now found and forgiven.
When I say…I am a Christian
I don’t speak of this with pride.
I’m confessing that I stumble
and need CHRIST to be my guide.

When I say…I am a Christian
I’m not always running strong.
I’m professing that I’m weak
and need HIS strength to carry on.

When I say… I am a Christian
I’m not bragging of success.
I’m admitting I have failed
and need God to clean my mess.

When I say…I am a Christian
I still feel the sting of pain,
I have my share of heartaches
So I call upon His name.

When I say… I am a Christian
I’m not holier than thou,
I’m just a simple sinner
who received God’s grace, somehow

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Fave Filipina Celebrity Faces

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I am thinking early today what to put in this blog, I was thinking; what I like, what I always want to see and what I want the world to appreciate and that is Filipina Beauty. So I came up with this, My favorite Filipina Celebrity faces, Including some from the not so distant past.

Dawn Zuleta
She's really the most beautiful woman in the world,IMO.

Alice Dixon
This is how Fairies should look like. She became popular in the "Okay ka fairy ko" sitcom.

Kc Concepcion
A Showbiz love Child. Quickly captured the hearts of Filipinos with her rare beauty and good image.

Jennylyn Mercado
The first Starstruck Female Grand Survivor

Kristine Hermosa
She took over Alice Dixon's role as "faye" in the "Okay Ka Fairy Ko" series. I guess Vic Sotto and I have the same taste (idol ko kasi siya eh). LOL

Marianne Rivera
She's one,if not the, most popular faces in the Philippines today.

Shaina Magdayao
She's so cuuuuttee!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


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New Year... Gilbert Arenas' Birthday.. Upcoming Movies.. My quest for a day job... Movie downloads... Freewares... Plans to get a domain... My blog getting PR3 in the last google update...

Lot's of topic to write about but I can't seem to get something going. My insomnia sure bothers me a lot.

Hope I can sleep well tonight and try to come up with something interesting tomorrow.

Happy new year everyone (I know it's kinda late). More power and God Bless us all.


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