Thursday, January 15, 2009

Websites I Visit Everytime I Open my PC

8:31 PM by Irvin Ryan ·
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I got to admit, I'm a person who can sit all day in front of the PC. Either I am playing, surfing, blogging or chatting it usually take me around 2 hours in a minimum to satisfy my computer addiction(if it's a good thing, I don't know) and in those times in front of the PC there are websites that I never fail to visit.
here's a list of my favorite websites.

Yahoo! Sports and Yahoo! Mail - I want to know Yahoo's take on sports and of course to check my e-mails - I keep track of my favorite teams and Players - check my e-mails (again)
Blog Catalog - Keep in touch with the blogosphere
Friendster - My first social network community
Queensberry Rules - for honest to goodness discussions about boxing - to be updated on Pacman news
Jon cabron - hmm.. he's funny...
Gilbertology - for Gilbert Arenas News
Fan IQ - a sports social network. sports trivia, quizzes and pick em scores.
cyberdunk - Web based Basketball MMORPG
Youtube - who doesn't visit youtube?
Ryan's Hub - err.. Love your own? hehehe

Sites I visit to kill time;

Subservient Chicken - That chicken never get tired.
Subservient Graduate - If you want to have total control over a person (male specifically), then visit this site. - just go check it out. - for flash games. (governor of poker)
Mofunzone - for street fighter and metal slug flash games.

My PC sessions will not be complete without visiting most of these sites. what can you say about the 2 hours minimum? quite short eh?!



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