Sunday, May 10, 2009

Martin Nievera and the Philippine National Anthem

Watch and listen to this video of his performance in the Pacquiao-Hatton fight.

We all know that some representatives from the congress is filing a case against Mr. Nievera for allegedly disrespecting the Philippine National Anthem or in legal terms
breach of the Flag and Heraldic Code RA 8491.

I dunno much about the law but why make such a fuss about this. we all know a lot of people sang the national anthem in Pac's fight before and some just totally blew it. watch this...

See? Christian Bautista just did a shorter version with a lot of mistakes in his lyrics, that's what we can call a BREACH!!!

So if ever the "Test Case" will push through I suggest we do it against Christian Bautista first and maybe the police can hang around elementary schools and see if the students sing the national anthem as it's supposed to be sung. Guess more than half of the population will end up in jail.

I'm not playing Attorney for Mr. Nievera but there's a lot more serious stuffs that needed more attention than his performance in Vegas and mind you I'm thinking his version is corny but I felt his sincerity in his performance (and that IMO is what matters when singing any nation's anthem), the guy went there to represent (take a look at his shirt) and I heard Pac didn't pay him so please cut him some slack.

Congressmen, do your job. Make some laws that will benefit the people. I know you need some exposure for your plans on the 2010 elections but please not at the expense of others.

Btw, have you heard the US national anthem? I do, in about a million versions already and last time I checked, despite the recession they're still the most powerful nation in the world.



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