Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson, Your Art and Weirdness We Will Miss

8:42 AM by Irvin Ryan ·

Yep, Michael Jackson the one who has an album entitled "Thriller",
the dude who incorporated music into his moves,the one who originally sang David Cook's "Billy Jean" and Kris Allen's "Man in the mirror" the guy who invented the MOON WALK (which is like the coolest move ever) the man who takes cryogenic sleeps and pills so he would live longer failed to escape the reality that he feared all his life, to die.

No matter how controversial this dude is, I'm gonna miss him. His eerie looks, the Pajamas going to court, the endless tales of weirdness, original dance moves and his music.

Michael Jackson might be crazy( we got to admit too he's a musical genius) he's one guy we will never run out of(true or not) scandals to tell.
At least now, he won't have to deal with charges of molestation or anything.



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