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Top 10 break up songs (LOL)

Aside from wallowing in self-pity or anger, you swim in alcohol or burn cigarettes to recover from a heartbreak, at least temporarily. You do everything to forget the pain of having to let go of your partner after what seemed to be a thousand years of being together. Breaking up is more agonizing than what the self-help books have warned you about.

The most difficult part of breaking up with a loved one is learning to adjust and start all over again. You try to put yourself back together and learn to accept that things like this happen. While you may not want to be reminded about it, here are ten musicians who empathize with you through their songs.

10. Ex-Factor by Lauryn Hill

No matter how much you love your guy, he seems to make everything hard for you two. You know that no one loves your guy more than you do; however, in the end, you have to leave him. You have to face the fact that the relationship is not just working anymore.

In this situation, go to the shore and allow your feet to bury into the sand while listening to Lauryn Hill’s song, “Ex-Factor.”

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9. Ex-Girlfriend by No Doubt

You hate it that you’re now just one of the many ex-girlfriends on your ex-boyfriend’s list. You sensed it when you were still together. Then again, you felt that his love was real and you were sure about your feelings, too.

There were more good things than bad things in your relationship. For some reason, your friends don’t like your guy because they think he doesn’t deserve you. You are a typically stubborn girl so you pursued the relationship even though your instincts told you otherwise.

Today, your most dreaded fear became a reality; you are now another name on his long list of ex-girlfriends. You can now call yourself The Ex-Girlfriend while singing to the beat of No Doubt’s song of the same title.

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8. Goodbye by Save Ferris

Did you swear to the sun and the stars that you never want to see your ex-boyfriend again? If your answer is yes, then the song “Goodbye” by Save Ferris is the perfect soundtrack for your heartbreaking experience.

This ska band fronted by Monique Powell released this song from the album It Means Everything in 1997. It generalizes a man’s megalomaniac tendencies. On the album, men are deemed as humans who plan and dream of becoming millionaires without giving consideration to love or life. This song is for people who do not have plans of taking their ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends back ever again.

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7. Song for the Dumped by Ben Folds Five

So how are you and your ex-girlfriend doing?

Did you just say you want to get your money and your black T-shirt back? You can do two things: take back your ex-girlfriend from hell who took away your money and things the minute you brok up with her, or listen to Ben Fold Five’s “Song for the Dumped”and get on with your life.

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6. I Can’t Do That Anymore by Faith Hill

Did you cut your hair and lose weight according to your partner’s wishes? Did you cook food and do the laundry for your partner? Did you quit your job? Did you do the things you shouldn’t do for a relationship because you thought your partner was the One?

Do you know Faith Hill and her song “I Can’t Do That Anymore” from the album It Matters to Me? Listen to this painful break up song to convince you to stop decorating your partner’s place, maintaining the balance of the checkbook or treating your guy like a king when he just doesn’t deserve it.

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5. I Never Loved You Anyway by The Corrs

You broke up with your boyfriend yesterday because you saw him with another girl. Suddenly, you realize how patient you were tolerating his boring stories for such a long time. After realizing that your guy isn’t worth it, you let out a big sigh of relief and say, “I never really loved you, anyway.”

The Corrs’ I Never Loved You Anyway is a perfect break-up song for girls who never really loved their boyfriends. You can sing this song over and over again. This song is definitely for you if you are bitter even if you won’t admit it.

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4. Against All Odds by Phil Collins

Yes, it is painful to see your girlfriend leave you just like that. But will you not get up ask her to stay? Will you allow yourself to watch her walk away from your life just like that? If pain is making you too weak to hold her hand and beg her to stay, then say it in a song.

Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) by Phil Collins is a popular break up song. It is about asking a former lover for one more chance to come back, with high hopes of starting anew. If the places you go to remind you of her and all the things left unsaid, Against All Odds is definitely the break up song you will relate to.

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3. I Keep Forgetting by Lee Ann Womack

Imagine this scene: you go alone to a coffee shop on a Tuesday afternoon and take a seat at the corner beside a big flower pot. Suddenly, a tear flows down your cheeks. You remember that the chair in front of you used to be occupied every Tuesday afternoon by a significant person in your life.

You go to a different place and the same thing comes to your mind. You haven’t moved on from the break-up yet. You can’t go to a new place because he was the one who introduced you to the city. Your life depended on him for years. Your life together seemed so permanent that you never imagined your relationship would come to an end.

You keep forgetting that you don’t love him anymore. Wake up to reality to the tune of I Keep Forgetting, a break up country song by Lee Ann Womack. It is a painful piece about a woman who wants to be reminded that she no longer needs the guy.

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2. 1000 Times Goodbye by Megadeth

What more creative way is there to express the pain of being heartbroken but through a song?

After almost 20 years, the thrash metal band released an album in 2001 called The World Needs a Hero. On this album, vocalist David Scott Mustaine sang the break up song entitled “1000 Times Goodbye.”

In this song, Mustaine wrote about not being able to recognize the face of an ex-girlfriend. This song is perfect for people who think that their past relationship should go straight to a garbage bin. Mustaine also said that he will never take the ex back.

Just as the song is about to end, the singer belts out the most painful hopes of wanting to win the ex back again. Don’t we all just love his guts? At the last part of the song, the persona in the song promises to give the girl a call once her relationship with the new guy doesn’t work. The begging and the pleading is screamed in a perfectly thrash-metal way by Mustaine.

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1. You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette

There is no better way to express pain and bitterness than with Alanis Morissette’s song. This Canadian singer-songwriter doesn’t just produce records, play musical instruments or act in the movies. She also represents the women who find could murdering ex-boyfriends easy, especially if it was legal.

In this song, she first says that she is happy for his ex and his new-found lover. After two lines, she tries to make her sarcasm subtle until it reaches the chorus where she acts like every man’s ghost. She says in the song that she doesn’t deserve the cross she is carrying and insults her guy’s relationship like it’s the only thing left in the world to insult.

With the painfully brilliant lyrics of You Oughta Know, Alanis has composed the piece that unleashes the pent up emotions that can drive women to insanity. In this song, Alanis helps you realize that the break up was an intolerable monumental loss. While it is a bitter and mean break up song, the album topped the charts.

Get busy listening to good music until you get too busy to be miserable. Who knows, tomorrow, as you see your ex, it’s could be just another case of Last Song Syndrome and nothing more.

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For some reason, that everyone of us should find,this article should be funny. =))


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September 18, 2008 at 11:19 AM

Nice...saktong-sakto lang sakin. Kumbaga sa ibon, para akong tinirador.

cecille said...
September 18, 2008 at 6:53 PM

hey, updated na blogroll ko. madali naman ako kausap. hehe. =)

yes, gotta agree with number 1. nobody does angst better than alanis.

Frank Richard said...
September 19, 2008 at 9:55 AM

Great list, thanks for sharing, then I am waiting for ya coming and comment, :)

fabricprotectionqueen said...
September 20, 2008 at 2:31 AM

Nice list, it made it laugh out loud in some parts...


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