Monday, March 2, 2009

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After being off from blogging for a long time. I really can't think of anything to put up again. Blogging to me right now is like the feeling of a sea-turtle getting used to living in land (does that made sense at all?). I don't even know if my readers are still dropping by. My feeds, my ads, my links and other stuffs, I don't know if they're still working at all. So what kept me busy all this time? A bunch of reasons; A quest for a new day job, a new online game I'm semi-addicted about (semi,cause I don't play like I used to anymore)and boxing. yeah... my passion for sports was rekindled again. Thanks to Manny Pacquiao, Tim Starks and the ageless VHS tapes collection of my grandfather, Boxing excites me once again. hmm.. actually I never really lost the love for boxing, it's just that before Pacquiao ruled the world of pugilism, heavyweight fights are aired more often and those fights bored me to tears.

I love boxing predictions, remember my december 5 entry? It was right on.

and 2009 starts out so well for boxing, yesterday's fight was one of the best I've seen, where Juan Manuel Marquez (yeah the last mexican standing) KO'ed Juan Diaz and Indonesia's Chris Johns, who's still undefeated, fought outside his country for the first time.

Plus local tv channels especially CS9 airs a lot of boxing matches and reruns during the weekends. SO Filipino fans of the Sweet Science won't be left out anymore.

Do I sound really excited about boxing? Certainly! Cause this is one sport where a Filipino is on top and a number is following suit.

and oh yea, the new season of hajime no ippo is out. Another boxing thing to look out for.

Im sharing some boxing vids you may find interesting.

This looks good right? good news, the anime picked up from where they left off...

Emmanuel Augustus... The drunken master of boxing.

Funniest KO... the infamous Zab Shuffle..

Manny Pacquiao Highlights

So there... finally a new entry. Thanks for visting my blog.
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BTW, Let's Support our very own Manny Pacquiao on his May 2, showdown with Ricky Hatton



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