Sunday, March 29, 2009

Manny Pacquiao Hitting the Heavy Bag as if it's Ricky Hatton

Just wanna share this youtube find, Manny Pacquiao at the heavy bag. You can see the speed and power, the bag just won't go down. Both hands are packed with power and would detonate at impact.. Ricky Hatton could've seen this already and readying himself to get hit with those bombs.

It's too early for predictions, but if Pac continues training like a monster, then I would stick to my first call at (comments section) last february of a KO3 for Pac. (Roach just followed what I've said.. hehe)

I'd be posting where to watch the May2 live streaming of the Pacquio vs. Hatton when the links are up. click here for Pacquiao vs. Hatton news



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