Sunday, November 30, 2008

Adidas Ballers Represent!!!!

10:19 AM by Irvin Ryan ·
I dunno if you guys already saw the new(not so new) adidas commercials. But this series is really great especially for Nba fans,like yours truly. It's fun, it'll make you jealous of the kids on the ads, it'll make you smile and love basketball even more. I dunno about loving the shoe brand after watching though but I got some adidas jerseys (arenas that is) and some pair of shoes right before seeing this commercials.
what i love about this ads?
  • Agent Zero got things started.
  • KG is funny
  • Farmar REPRESENTS!!! (yeah bigtime)
  • T-Mac being himself
  • Dwight got owned in a number of funny ways
  • They're Pick up game looks fun.
  • KG singin' the "superman-You" part of souljah boy's Crank That.
  • Kids playing very good basketball and having a real taste of NBA life.
Part 1 - Gilbert Arenas - Create for your brotherhood

Part 2 Dwight Howard - Command for your brotherhood

Part 3 Tmac-TD21- Houston vs rockets - A Brotherhood Shines

The Run

I don't know how nike would respond, but having lehype james do something like these is impossible, he's a little above himself right now, talking 2010 free agency, disgracing the game and the cavs and dissing a basketball hall of famer(Charles Barkley).

Ans oh btw, I'm getting my GILZERO BLACK PRESIDENT this christmas!!!



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