Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pacman’s Mighty Fortress, Bolstering His Aura of Invincibility

Whatever you call this mega-fight, a farcical or a mismatch, between Pound-for-pound King Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Pay-Per-View King Oscar de la Hoya, it surely sets the world stage for what could be a crucial moment in the history of boxing.

So, the tectonic shift in boxing continues.

But, let us not forget that this meritorious fight between these two great men serves as a lens through which we can see how the human mind responds to this entertainment stimulus despite economic turmoil.

To understand this is to immediately lift the clouds in our minds about our present condition, that for the Maharlikan nation, the Philippines, in particular.

Philippines has been in a vacuum of inspiration and truism of heroic life for many centuries now.

What Manny Pacquiao did in the ring of violence evolves into a romantic interplay between politics and inspiration, nay, religion and lifestyle sophistication. And, whatever condemnation you would have about this man, such may not fit into his aura that the Creative Power of the Universe has given to him.

In fact, no purported hero in the history of Philippines had ever made it in the hearts of every living Filipinos. Even my twenty-two month old niece knows who Pacman is, at least in her own intimation.

Meanwhile, the name “Pacman” adds distinction to the lives of the Filipinos, at least in terms of outlook. Inspirations emitting from the life of their post-modern icon has brought out their imprisoned minds from the bondage of economic depravity and debility in the lack of inspiration.

Rightly so, when we think of Manny Pacquiao, we think: construction worker, baker, cigarette vendor, philanthropist, the legendary Asian boxer, descendant of Lapu-lapu - - - in short one of the greatest men of the Maharlikan nation.
But alongside that list stands another: a man of God.

However, while it is true that Pacquiao exhibits in his personal story a controversial past, he makes no effort to hide his own failures. Yet, he will always be remembered and respected for his heart of God.

Knowing how much more we share in Pacman’s failures than in his greatness, we should be curious to find out what made him as a man after God’s heart.

Pacman, like David of old, had an unchangeable belief in the faithful and forgiving nature of God. He is a man who lives with great zest. He sins many times. But, he is quick to confess his sins. In fact, he never takes God’s forgiveness lightly or his blessings for granted.

True, Pacman stands firm basking the limelight of giving glory to his Creator, a direct contrast of what De la Hoya gears up into.

De la Hoya resorts to making his fight against Pacman a personal revenge of what he perceives to be an easy way to avenge the withdrawal of the latter’s intent to establish contract with him. And for De la Hoya, he feels it necessary to demolish Pacman in the realm of his own power and strength.

What a difference perspective can make!

As to the intricacy of this fight, most boxing pundits only see the physical and boxing skill advantages of De la Hoya.

But, Pacman sees a mortal man defying almighty God. He knows that he would not be alone when he faces De la Hoya.

Because Pacman sees this clearly, he can fight him more effectively. Criticisms, nonetheless, couldn’t stop Pacman. In fact, he is unafraid to make his own trail.

And, it’s nevertheless about the heart of the True Maharlikan from the blood-thirsty aorta of Mindanao versus La Raza from the gang-infested section of East Los Angeles.

Conversely, the time is now for his greatest call on December 6, 2008 - to subdue the cockiness of Oscar de La Hoya, the Golden Boy.

But, leave it all to his Mighty Fortress who bolsters his aura of invincibility. It is He who is always ready to defy human logic, to which, of course as to this matter, I would keep my case open.

***I'm taking pac winning by KO in the 10th round. i really think ODLH punches wouldn't touch Pac, cause if it does, it''ll be lights out and we'll all be sad***



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