Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Birthday Wish For Mega-Manny

December 17, Manny Pacquiao's Birthday. His 30th. I'm pretty sure he'll be sorrounded by good-honest-loving people (and leeches alike) celebrating with him today.

Here are my wish for Pac ;

  • He stays healthy so he can have many fights. Reason? I'll quote what I read recently.
Eid Kabalu, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front civil-military affairs chief, has been known to say, “If Manny fights every day, guns will always be silent.”
For so many years Mindanao was at war, and Pac doesn't have to talk to create a ceasefire. how cool was that? plus crime rates was almost zero everytime he fights,

  • That he remains religious. So people in catholic churches can hear things like this.
‘Don't tell God that you have a big problem. But tell your problem that you have a big God.’ - Manny Pacquiao

  • That he stays away from vices.
  • That he gets to beat Hatton, Pretty Boy Floyd and Bernard Hopkins(JK) LOL
  • That he become richer.
  • more kids to carry on his legacy. (not necessarily boxing)
  • That he stays away from politics.
Pac is generous, he wants to help people. that's why as a fan I understand why he wants to do politics. but one thing is certain. That's not good for him. Right now he's an image that every Filipino looks up to, and I don't have a politician in mind that was respected that way.

Pac's achievements have been fully his own, as far as boxing is concerned. His becoming a sports hero has led not only to riches, but also has won him the incomparable affections of an entire nation. That success and that affection are his because of how he unites a nation otherwise divided and discouraged by politics.

No one can doubt that Pac is looking for a career that will not just give meaning to his life after boxing, but which will also allow him to help others as so many have helped him rise from rags to riches through sports. The question is not whether he can or should try to be a force for public good, but whether the public good is served by his entering politics.

His dogged determination, his dedication to his sport, his discipline and his ability to improve himself, all the while maintaining a sunny disposition and picking no quarrels with people outside the boxing ring, suggest to us that the greatest good for the greatest number lies in Manny staying out of the political arena. He is a political force by sheer force of being who he is-the man who unites-and staying that way.

And last, I wanna see him quit boxing while he is ahead. that he won't end up like many other boxers: broke, cheated, disgraced or punch-drunk.

But really he should stay out of politics. The punches thrown in political shadow boxing are more vicious than any he will ever face in the ring.



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