Sunday, December 21, 2008

Friendster Virus Alert

6:20 PM by Irvin Ryan ·
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You probably got a message from one of your friend saying you'd been filmed and there's a web link that you tried opening but can't get through.
Well, by doing that you're not only posting an automatic message to some of your friends but risking your computer for potential virus too....
So be aware of this messages and try to ignore or delete them.
They say that the people who's doing this are from the Canada and their mimicking Youtube's URL web page.
Right now their posting automatic comments with the video of a sexy girl and if you tried opening it you'll post the exact same comment to some of your random friends...
In addition, if you receive a comment and/or message that has a video with a link that takes you to what looks like a friendster log-in page delete the comment and do not use the log-in link.
Someone has phished the account it came from and is trying to phish yours.
Using the log-in link will give them your log-in info and access to your account to do whatever they want.

To help prevent this. I'm asking everyone to repost this bullettin or send this message to all of your friends. With this we can have a much more better friendster experience.
Thanks to all

**a friendster buddy's bulletin post, been receiving links and comments like what's stated in this post so I assume it true. hope posting this can help.***



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