Friday, December 5, 2008

Pacquiao - dela Hoya, a Mismatch.

2:02 PM by Irvin Ryan ·
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Pacquiao - dela Hoya is just around the corner. I tried to envision what the fight would look like and it looks like this. A total mismatch.

Round 1.

Pac and ODLH will come smoking, they will try to engage early. Why? Cause Oscar knows that a long fight would give him trouble and Pac wants to sap ODLH's energy. at this time Manny will still be cautious, cause Oscar still has a good left hook up until the 5th round.

Round 2.

Both men will slow down a bit, ODLH will try to establish the jab but will try to engage at certain points. Manny will try to tire ODLH's 36 yr old legs and make him slower by going from left to right. Body shots will be the key.

Round 3.

A jabbing Dela Hoya and a circling Pac who will give 3-5 combinations at a time.

Round 4.

Pac will have trouble with the jab, But ODLH will show signs of fading.

Round 5.

ODLH will look like an old man who wouldn't be able to protect himself from lethal body shots.

Round 6.

Someone should go on his butt/knees by this time. If it's not Pac, ODLH will be in lot of trouble.

round 7.

Much like of round 6.

Round 8

Someone's gonna be clinching to save his ass.

Round 9.

Power won't be an issue anymore, tough conditioning will be the Key.

ROund 10.

Nacho will throw in the towel and ODLH will be asking for an oxygen tank.

TKO win for Pac.

Some people will be calling me names because of this post, but this is how I really think the fight will be. Oscar to KO Pac must be able to hit him. But I don't see ODLH's gloves touching Manny, so it'll come down to speed, strategy and conditioning in which Manny has the edge. Why did i say that? anyone saw 24/7? ODLH looks great catching weight and all but He looks disoriented at times, that happens when you lose or put on a lot of weight , so he will have a handful from Manny fight night.
Oscar failed to Floor a 3rd rate boxer(who is smaller than him too) in Forbes so what made B-hop and the Oscar-huggers think He can KO Pac? That's crazy, not us who thinks Pac will win.

Oh well, call me anything you want but in this one. I really think I know what I'm talking about.
Manny making ODLH regret for picking this fight, Cause this will be his last. ^^,V


the philippine daily idiot said...
December 7, 2008 at 1:15 PM

haha, we are right on the dot. i shoulda bet. argggh!!!

Irvin Ryan said...
December 7, 2008 at 4:23 PM

hahaha... thanks for dropping by, maybe you're late in reading my blog. could have gotten you a little richer. ^^,V


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