Friday, August 15, 2008

Beijing Olympics and USA Basketball

Of course everybody heard about Michael Phelps, How he broke the world record while swimming with a broken pair of goggles. whew! That will certainly put him into the hall of fame. But that won't be the focus of this blog. I just include Michael Phelps to show how great American athletes are. (we Filipinos are in awe, we're still to win our first gold medal and by now I think we have to wait for at least 8 years more to end that drought /sigh)

I saw the USA Men's basketball team's game against Greece last night. It was a great game and a very physical game too. At one point, I screamed and got angry when 2 players from Greece,which names I can't remember cause it actually rhymes with Rumpeltiltskin, hacked Dwayne Wade in mid-air Deron Williams was tripped and there are lots of hacking. There were lots of highlights and defensive gems too especially in the second quarter.

For me, what really makes this 2008 team different from the past Dream Teams is they're tenacity and they're great resolve to win. Sure they lack knowledge in defending International style of basketball which is evident in the first quarter but that was well compensated by they're hunger. Sacrificing they're bodies and even game time made them get the job done. Prince, Redd and Boozer are stars in their NBA teams, but last night they we're in the twelfth man line up.
For me, Gold or Not, the USA basketball team is still the best team to watch.

If you like basketball next time watch The USA dream team and focus on : Kobe's defense, Bosh's work ethic, LBJ's Air show, Wade's angry approach to the game and how the rest of the team grasp the team mentality. mix it all up and you'll get the real essence of basketball. / respect

Special thanks to Yao Ming for being the Bridge between the US and China, if it wasn't for him I don't think this is possible.



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