Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Techniques in Finding Email Addresses thru EMail Directories

At this moment, it is already possible for anyone to look for their friends or old classmates using their email address. Reconnecting to long lost friends or anyone who has an email address has been easier using email addresses directory websites on the Internet. The only bad thing is that spammers try to use it as a tool in abusing individuals but companies have already made ways in controlling these illegal activities.

There are many ways in starting a search using email addresses directory sites. Some sites will require you to enter the name of your friend or classmate or anyone you are looking for including the country where he/she lives. While other email addresses directory sites will require you to select a clickable country first and then you will be asked to enter the name of the person you are looking for. In cases where you are searching for a friend’s email address that is located in another country, you have to select the country where he lives. Just in case you come up with zero results, just try doing it with a different criteria or a different email addresses directory website.

One of the problems that most searchers encounter in finding email addresses of persons using names is the number of search matches that they get. Common names such as Ryan, Eunice, Maria, Geraldine, etc…can bring about numerous searches when entered alone. In order to narrow the search and minimize the number of search matches, it is advisable that you have to enter the complete name including middle names, if there are any. Sometimes, there is a tick box that says ‘Exact Match Only’ and you have to click that. If there are other information required such as birthday or age, it is better to fill up those forms in order to get to the right person you are looking for.

There will be instances when you tried and tried but still you come up with negative results. This only means that the person you are looking for is not included in the list of the email addresses directory. You can try other email addresses directory sites that may have his email in their listings, if not, the person might have no email address or it might have been expired.

Sometimes it’s hard to guess if the person you are looking for really has an email address or not especially when you are getting no results and you really want to contact that person. To be sure, you have to subscribe to paid services because they have a comprehensive and complete list. If you don’t get any results then you can be confident that the person you are looking for has no email address at all.


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