Thursday, October 2, 2008

Annie's First Kiss

Hi, my name is Annie. An average looking girl of 27, educated, smart i may say, who grew up in the province of Benguet.
Having to grow up in a place where in all people are so fond of traditions,aside from the fact that my family is so religious,
kissing and being kissed have never been a subject of discussion. All this have been changed when I had a boyfriend.

March 2003, i met Wesley. A handsome guy, tall and well built. He was from Manila. A good for nothing playboy as people from our town calls manileƱos.
But of course as the saying goes "to every rule, there is an exemption" and Wesley is exempted.

making my story short, we became friends and eventually lovers after 4 months of courting.
being with Wesley makes me feel so safe. He never took his eyes off me, always attending to my needs and because of those things he showed me.
i planned to come with him to manila and work there.
My boyfriend,fetch me from work everyday. never forgot to call me before going to bed and never failed texting me in the morning.

But one day June 23,2005. i received a call from Wesley, saying "we’ve been on for almost 2 years now and i haven’t kissed you yet. tomorrow will be the day that we will be kissing each other, or else…. "then ends his call with a naughty scheming laughter.
suddenly i felt cold,nerve wracked and stunned.honestly,I was frightened by that call.
Thoughts came into my mind. " i don’t know how to kiss" "my folks told me that kissing was immoral" "what will isay?" "should i turn him down? or should i call the "tipanan thing off.
i am scared but excited at the same time.

June 24,2005, i was mentally prepared for that so called kissing thing that Wesley asked from me. I love him so i will not turn him down.
i arrived, 9:00 am to the venue and saw some familiar faces. everybody was looking at me as if i was doomed. some smiling and some are giggling.
I felt like melting but i am full of anticipation of what was to happen between me and my beloved Wesley. and so after walking a few meters, after getting off the car that my brother Ron drove, i saw Wesley in his most wonderful outfit. he looked so impatient but still manages to smile."oh boy,if you could only see my man."
As always, he took me by the hand and walked some more.He whispered"you look beautiful today,honey" i reciprocated that flattery with a fine pinch on his side.
he whinced a bit and that made me smile even more. suddenly, a guy in a "weird suit" started talking,his words were so powerful and meaningful that Wesley and I couldn’t help but say yes to what he is saying and so after a few exchange of words with that guy in white,Wesley decided to hand me a ring saying "this ring symbolize my love for has no beginning neither it has an end." i handed him a ring also saying those cheesy but sweet words he told me. That made me forget the call that Wesley made the night before.

i was so confident that he forgot all about it. when suddenly he whispered "be prepared, i will kiss you". as the weird looking guy in white spoke his final remarks, Wesley looked at me,held my chin up gently and little by little his face was working it’s way towards mine. i am chilling i was about to scream…
but i told myself.. " i don’t care even if they all see me kiss this guy, i love him and he means the world to me…"

as his lips were about to touch mine, i can’t help but close my eyes and feel the warmth of his lips. it felt like the whole world stopped moving,i can’t hear a thing my heart almost burst with so much beating. i just can’t describe how ecstatic that was. my first kiss i have given to the man I love so dearly.

after that i’ve been brought back to reality Wesley said "thanks for making this day so wonderful,thanks for giving me your first kiss." i reciprocate with a hug.. all the people around us started clapping. and my mom and dad was crying, not of shame but because they were happy for me.

and oh by the way?? didn’t i mention, i was also wearing white that day, walked the aisle with boquette in hand?

I wrote this a long time ago.. haven't edited it, I don't know if I'm just so lazy or am i lazy, LOL...



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