Friday, October 17, 2008


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So what exactly is a church?
Dictionary says ;1. a place set apart for worship. 2.a formally organized body of christians worshipping together. 3. the collective body of christians.

I've attended different churches, taking the first meaning, and every church I've been gives a different experience;
  1. A church building in the middle of a squatter area - Attended and worked for this church as a musician for 3 years and our music team's style which is much more in the contemporary often gets scrutinized by angry neighbors. (I treasure my times in this church.Its 8th year anniversary this sunday^^,V)
  2. A church building in the middle of a ricefield - now, this is a really good place for prayer. Where we can worship, practice music and pray until midnight.
  3. A church in the mall - been to one meeting and I say, shoppers and items are big distractions for worshippers.
  4. A church in a movie theatre- It's a good experience. The acoustics makes praise and worship more lively and vibrant, the light settings and comfortable velvet chairs can help too in preparing people's heart for the Word. It made me wonder why theatres seemed to be taylor-made for Sunday Worship services cause definitely it's way better than most church buildings.Find out more
BTW, you can attend the first-ever inaugural Theatre Church Conference in Silver Spring, MD on October 22 & 23. Find out more

But really, wherever ot whatever church we go to, the most important thing is a hungry heart and a thirsty soul that longs for nourishment from God's word.

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