Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Spider is Bored

7:00 PM by Irvin Ryan ·
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Anderson "The Spider" SIlva is definitely one of the , if not the, best MMA fighter in the world. His last fight is so unprofessional. Guess he really needs a real challenge. Winning 8 of his last fights, which tied Royce Gracie's record didn't make him a happy man. Guess it's time to bring Lidell, Rashad Evans or any one who can bring him back to his normal state of mind, cause I'm really thinking, he might end up in the "Whack Shack" if he keeps fighting semi-funny clowns in the octagon. ^_^ Click here to watch the full Silva Vs. Cote<-- serious annoyance alert for MMA fans out there....



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